Review Policy

I'm new to this whole book blog and reviewing thing.  But I can do reviews on requests. I do reviews on the following genres:

1. Romance (YA or NA)
2. Dystopia
3. Contemporary Romance
4. Contemporary
5. Urban Fantasy
6. YA Sci-fi
7. Historical Romance
8. Erotica
9. Fantasy (sometimes)
Other than these, I won't review other genres. Especially not horror or mystery.

If you are an author and want me to review a book, I will. The book can be:

1. Hardback or Paperback
2. Ebook for iBooks

I will NOT review audio books.
My contact information is on my blog. Nevertheless, my email:
Thank you.


  1. Heyy aisha!!!
    you're really cool!!! Keep up the reading!!!
    now I know where to find a book review, if i want one. :)

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    2. Thanks! And your tumblr blog is really great! You should write a book!