Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Slated by Teri Terry

I don't know how I'm gonna write this without singing 'Somebody to You' by The Vamps. Anyhow, you gotta do what you gotta do. 
Genre: YA Dystopia
Pages: 448
Type: #1 in Slated Trilogy
Rating: 5/5 Slated Stars!
Synopsis: Kyla’s memory has been erased,
her personality wiped blank,
her memories lost for ever.

She’s been Slated.

The government claims she was a terrorist and that they are giving her a second chance - as long as she plays by their rules. But echoes of the past whisper in Kyla’s mind. Someone is lying to her, and nothing is as it seems. Who can she trust in her search for the truth?

This book guys, this book! It was phenomenal! All the characters were so mysterious! That last line right there in the synopsis. It is SO true. You don't know who to trust and who not to. It's a seat-gripping, fast-paced thriller, guys! I don't even like these kinds of books to start with but I still loved this one. It was just brilliant. You felt like you were seeing everything from Kyla's eyes. 
 And when I read this book, every assumption, every judgement I made on the characters was wrong. Wrong, wrong and more wrong. 
 Kyla was a complex person and so were the people around her. Everyone was complex. Like how all people in reality are. It was a very realistic book, believe it or not. 
 Another thing I really liked about the book was that you got to know everything along with Kyla. So you were like a slated as well. You don't know this world or anything. And one last thing I really found cool was the fact that it was set in 2059. By then I'd be 60 years old. Cool, right?

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