Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Wanna Be a Vampire!

Ok. So, I know vampires don't exist but if they did, I really wanna be one! And I snot wanna be any vampire. Oh no. Not by a long shot. I wanna be a vampire with a daylight ring. Oh yes. You betcha! I wanna be one from the Vampire Diaries tv series on CW. (If you haven't watched it yet, where the hell are you living? Under a rock? Oh wait. That's old. Let's try again. Where were you living? With your head in your ass?) I mean, look at them! How gorgeous can something get?! Right. Moving on. 

You know what's the fun part of being a vampire right? You're gonna live forever! Yippee! *Does wierd tapping dance like Charlie's grandfather did when he came to know that Charlie had the last golden ticket. Yeah. That one.* On the down side, the thing that sucks is that you can't stay in one place forever. The bloodlust. All that jazz. 

But. You know, the good things are there too. Like the fact that you get to compel people into doing whatever you want. You get to eat normal food, do normal things. If you have a witchy friend like Bonnie, you can get a daylight ring. If you have two hot guys brooding over you, your day just became better. If you have awesome friends like Caroline and Matt to stand by you, there's no harm done. 

But there's a teeny tiny problem. 

I'm not Elena. So I don't have no Stefan and Damon. No Bonnie. No Matt or Caroline or Tyler. But at the same time, I don't have to deal with the crazy Mikaelsons. Especially Klaus. Oh you know. The crazy guy with the sweet smile hell-bent on making a crazy hybrid army. 

But. Enough about that. Let's get to why I have this sudden urge to becoming a vampire. First, there's the obvious reason. Ageless. Which means, I get to live forever. That also means I get to read the biggest amounts of books ever. Cuz I don't even need to work. You know. I can always compel people to give me money and not ask questions. That's like, one of the major reasons. The second one is, the fact that I can get my parents to do whatever I want them to do. Like, get me a laptop. Or give me a credit card. Or buy me a hundred thousand books. Or take me on a world tour. Honestly, the list is endless. I think I'd even compel them to leave me in peace. 

You know what I'd do? I'd become a vampire and then go to my best friend, Ranice and tell her what's happened to me. And then I'd turn her and then together we'd go wherever we want, do whatever we want. And I'm pretty damn sure she'd drop everything in a minute to become a vampire. She's as eager to get away from home as I am. Be free. Free from all this parental guidance. Which, I don't need, thank you. 

Another awesome thing is the speed. Like, you're so fast, you don't need a car. I'd be in the hall one second and then two miles away the next. 

You know. I swear vampires are luckier than they think they are. I mean, there are more ups than downs. Or so I feel. Unfortunately, I'll never get to confirm because there are no vampires that exist. End of the story.

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