Thursday, July 24, 2014

Midnight Angel by Lisa Kleypas

I've never given a historical romance all 5 stars. Until now. This month is turning out to be a heat reading month. But seriously, I'm surprised that this book was so good (for me, atleast) that I give it all 5 stars. 

Genre: Adult Historical Romance
Pages: 373 
Type: #1 in Stokehurst Series
Rating: 5/5 stars
Synopsis: Widower and a father, Lord Lucas Stokehurst is introduced to Ms. Karen Billings, a young woman who insists to be governess of his daughter, Emma. He is intrigued by the quiet and mysterious woman who's past he knows nothing about. 
  But Ms. Billings has a whole other identity. One she must try to keep a secret because she herself knows nothing about it. But it's more difficult to be done than you may think. 
  Will Lord Stokehurst be able to protect this woman he's fallen in love with or will fate part them? Forever?

This is a wonderful story. It has this mysterious touch to it and this kinda witchy aspect. I really enjoyed the book. I wasn't expecting to make much of it, but it's seriously really good. I was really impressed. I couldn't keep myself from turning the pages. But of course, everyone has their own opinions. I liked the whole idea of the story and all the characters. I mean the characters made you feel like they were made to be. I mean to say that if a person is meant to be frustrating, you would feel frustrated. 
  I really liked Ms. Billings. At the beginning, I didn't know what to make of her, but as the story proceeds, she turned out to be pretty charming. I don't have much to say about her, although she really is very kind. 
  Lucas was really an amazing character. Generally, on a lot of stories, the men are like perfection. Luke is like Captain Hook, but a good version. Yep, he doesn't have have a hand. Instead he has a siler hook. And how it happened, is a whole other utterly romantic story. So, you see, he isn't perfection. 
  One thing that seriously irked me, though, was the age difference between Luke and Karen. Like, Karen is 18 and Luke is 34! That's an age difference of 26 years! Like, Luke could be Karen's father! When she was born, he was already a big guy who's already lost his virginity while Karen hadn't even hit puberty!
  I really liked Emma. She was full of zeal and asked these insanely awkward questions (Gosh! Children back then were so uneducated on the whole puberty and sex thing). I thought it was pretty funny. 
  I loved how the story ended and how well the book was written. 
I definitely recommend it to you if you don't look at historical romance with the thought in our mind that it's all cheesy and stupid like all other historical romance books. Be an optimist, dude. 

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