Saturday, July 12, 2014

Picking up a New Book.

Ever have that little problem where you're scratching your head, trying to pick a new book to read? Yeah, me too. 
  Hey booklovers! 
Picking a new book is sort of like a mission. I mean, sure I might be exaggerating it a bit, but still. Like, you have only a limited amount of time to live. A limited amount of time to read. So, everytime you pick a book, you try to pick a good one, not wanting to regret reading it later. 
  There are hundred of thousands of millions of books out there, but who knows how many of them will fit for your taste? Here are three tips on picking a new book.

Tip #1: See the genre.
 Take a look at the genre. Genres are what makes a book likeable to a person. If you google the genre of a book who's cover you find interesting but are not sure what genre or what it's about, this is a good idea. Many times, I can't make out a genre, so I google it, and voila! I know what I'm getting into.

Tip#2: Look it up on Goodreads.
  Goodreads is an excellent way to find out more about some book that you've been wanting to read. If you don't know what Goodreads is, it's an online website which allows you to keep track of your reading life. Also, it has information about the book. People rate the book and write reviews and you can see the average rating if a book. This way, you have an idea of how many people liked it. If the book has a good rating, chances are, you're gonna like it too. 

Tip#3: Find out whether the plot catches your interest.
  That's pretty much self-explanatory. Read the synopsis and see if you like the idea of the book.

So there you go! I couldn't think of more, so I guess you're gonna have to make do with these three. I seriously hope they help. If they do, please comment and let me know! 

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